Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ribbons Finished! Who will win?

I'm down visiting my sister this weekend, but I thought I'd pop in to say I finished the two things (mentioned here) that I had deadlines for.  The first is a diaper bag for my sister which I'll share later in the week, and the second is the match ribbons which are needed tomorrow.

As with the last time I made match ribbons, they're most likely to be won by non-crafty man types but they got a good reception the last time I made some, so I hope they are well loved this time.

I changed my construction process a bit from last time, instead of making yo-yos and sewing the tops together with felt, the top portion is made of a gathered ruffle and the round center medallion.  The center medallion is ironed/hot glued around a circle of card stock, you can see the unfinished centers in the picture below.  I also used the inkjet printable fabric instead of the pigma pens since I was doing so many and wanted them to be consistent.  All the hanging down ribbons are turned; boy am I glad to be finished with those.

I think they turned out really bright and colorful (one of my main personal criteria for successful project), so I hope they are enjoyed.  I might be in the running for one of them, it'd be nice to get to keep one.  It was a fun project, although making this many was a bit tedious.  By the end I got a sort of assembly line process going but all together I probably spent an average of 45-60 minutes on each one.