Sunday, March 18, 2012

Name Game Swap Package

As you may know, I participated in the Name Game Swap over at Samelia's Mum.  It was super fun, and I enjoyed making a fun quilt for my partner.  Last week though, I got a package from my partner,  SewLindaAnn. It was superb!!  In addition to the swap quilt which I'll get to below, she sent me this great book on blogging, a bunch of fun fabric that will make a fun addition to my stash (LOVE those bright colors), and a bag of the fruity tootsie rolls.  I love those!  I had no idea you could get them without the rest of the mix.

But, by far the best part of the package was the wonderful name quilt she made me.  I love the swirly fabric contrasted with the linear piecing, and so many yummy bright colors!   She embroidered each letter of my blog name on the little orange squares, and appliqued them on the top.  The big-stitch hand quilting is wonderful too, it so nicely complements the fabric and overall design, and along with the different scales of the prints, adds a fun feeling of texture to the whole piece.   She said her goal was to combine my loves for art and science, and she really succeeded! I think my favorite thing about it though is how unique it is.  Not because of the name, (which is obviously specific for me), but because of the design and style. 

It felt like this swap was full of wonderful things, people seemed to be really trying to figure out what their partner would like, and Linda really hit the nail on the head.  As I was stalking the flickr boards during the swap, there were a bunch of cute things that popped up that I would have loved, but none of them were quite my style.  I feel like Linda designed and made a better quilt for a brightly-colored-wannabe-art-quilter than I could have ever done.  She was such a thoughtful partner.

One last note,  Linda incorporated fabrics from an artist from Art of Possibilities Studios.  They partner with disabled artists to produce fabric lines based on their art work.  It's a really cool deal, and some really amazing fabrics have been generated.  At first I thought one of the fabrics was from George Mendoza's fabric line with Art of Possibilities.  He's a fabulous painter from the same town as my Mom's LQG, and they did a challenge last year with his fabrics. In the end, I think the ones Linda used are from a different fabric line, but  you should totally check it out the fabrics from Art of Possibilites, and George Mendoza's new line with Free Spirit.

Thanks so much to Linda and to Anorina for hosting the swap.  Anybody interested,  I think she's planning to host another Name Game swap later this spring.  It was bunches of fun, you should totallly participate.