Wednesday, February 29, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Deadlines Again!

I’ve been feeling a little stressed lately.  I have so many projects going, so many cool quilts to make, and a couple projects with deadlines in progress, yet I’m often so tired when I get home from work I don’t have the energy to work on anything.  Then I feel guilty that I’m wasting valuable time!

Anyway,  I thought it would be good to write an in progress post and link up with Lee.  I always love her linky party; seeing what everyone else is working on is motivating and inspiring.

Finished this week:
Nothing.  Sad smile

In progress:
Diaper bag for Becky (deadline March 11th)
15 fabric ribbons for Oklahoma Single Stack Championships (deadline March 11th).  This is all I’ve done so far!  One half of one ribbon!  Eek.
Amy  Butler Footstool (this is soooo cool, and we found the perfect fabric, more on that later).
Flower crochet blocks  (I’ve made 6-8 of those and am really enjoying them).
Bobbin Quilting/Trapunto blocks

No Progress:
Dog thread painting
Chile Quilt
Christmas Nativity

New Projects:
Not that I need any new projects, but I’ve decided that my next big art quilt will be an entry into the upcoming juried show put on by SAQA New Mexico.  I’ve never entered a juried show before but I figure now is as goo as ever.  The quilt is to be banner style, long and skinny (24 x 80 or so) and should be “outdoor New Mexico” in theme.  I’m super excited for the design process.  I’ve decided to make the New Mexico State Dinosaur my focus.  He’s called Coeleophysis, and I’ll have much more info on him soon (if I ever get some creative design time).

I hope you guys are having fun and making more progress than I am!