Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Rolling Design Wall

I realized I never showed you guys the fabulous design wall my dad and Mike built for me when my parents were out a few weeks ago.  One wall of the studio is filled with wire rolling shelving units and my goal from the beginning was to have a big design wall in front of the units.

My dad is very handy and designed a system comprising 3 4'x8' panels which roll in a track and are held upright along a high shelf.  He and Mike built and installed it and it's pretty super awesome.  The 3 units roll together or apart so you can use a lot of space to work on big quilts or just work on smaller projects.  There's also space to access all the wire shelves, plus the large shelf on top (which currently houses a christmas tree).

For the actual design panels, they attached 3/8" plywood to a 2x4 frame (with cross bars).  We then glued 2x4 pieces of celotex ceiling tiles on each one and covered them in flannel. 

You can hang stuff with pins or just stick it on the flannel. In addition, you can iron on it or steam on it.  So far I love it; I've got one with lots of my little inspiring things pinned up on it and the other two I'm using for designing.  Thanks so much Dad and Mike!!