Monday, March 5, 2012

Name Game Swap Quilt

I signed up for the Name Game Swap over at Samelia's Mum, and it's been really exciting to watch everyone's progress and sneak peaks over on the flickr group.

My partner received hers so I thought I'd finally write a post about it.

My partner is the fun Sharmayne of Country Fragrance.  She lives in Australia where she crafts and makes and sells soaps and has chickens and yummy looking garden carrots!  I wasn't quite sure what she'd like since she isn't on flickr, but I've been reading her blog and so hoped she liked what I put together.  Well, she did like it (so total YAY!), but she's currently in the midst of great flooding, so keep her and her family in your thoughts!

The point of the swap was to make a mini-quilt which incorporated the name of our partner's blog.  I used inkjet printable fabric for my words.   I decided to use hens and flowers for the rest of the quilt so made some grandmother's flower garden blocks and machine appliqued some colorful hens with fun fabrics from my stash.

I love the pink grass and I hope she does too!

I made a little blue zip-top pouch to send along as well (you can never have too many of those) and included a half yard cut of this pretty oriental inspired fabric.  I hope she can use it in an upcoming project!

Thanks for hosting such a fun swap Anorina!