Monday, March 12, 2012

Diaper Bag

My sister's baby is due any minute and I'd offered to make her a diaper bag so I thought I'd better get to it.  I asked her to look at a few options, and she really liked this one, so off I went.  It's a medium-complicated bag to assemble, but the tutorial/instructions were great, easy to understand, and accurate.  It took me quite a while to cut all the pieces but they all came out right and went together properly.

Becky liked that it has lots of inside and outside pockets (including an outside pocket big enough to hold file folders if necessary.  She also wanted one with a center divider (which this has). 

I used mostly fabrics from my stash, the outside black is canvas which I thought might hold up better, but everything else is brightly colored (cause it's a Shannon-made item after all) quilters cotton.  I scotch-guarded all the pieces before I assembled them so it should hopefully repel stains at least a little bit.

 It's pretty big, so hopefully she can fit all her baby stuff in it!

I only made two tiny departures from the pattern.  It has several layers of interfacing to give it structure, and instead of regular fusible fleece, I used insul-bright batting in the two end pockets.  Insul-bright is the batting you use in potholders, and it's designed to be insulating.  Anyway, I thought if I put it on the outside and inside of the two bottle sized pockets it might keep bottles at temperature a little bit.  The other thing is that I added a shoulder strap.  Becky wanted to be able to carry it cross-body.  Here it is hanging with the shoulder strap I made.

Becky really liked it.  Keep your fingers crossed for the prompt arrival of the baby!  I had a good time making the bag and I think it was probably good practice for making the Amy Butler Weekender bag which is still on my to-do list.