Monday, February 6, 2012

Baby Quilts from Mrs. Fuchs

Today, one more set of old baby quilts and then I promise we'll return to the current era.

When I was in New Mexico over the holidays we were all excited about the baby quilts for my sister's soon-to-arrive (and oft referred to) baby.  In the process we started going through my mom's cedar chest to look at some of our old baby things so I thought I'd take the opportunity to snap some pictures of some of our baby quilts.

These two in particular are just beautiful.  They were made for me and my sister by a dear friend of my grandmother's named Ruby Fuchs.

According to our records, Mrs. Fuchs passed away in 1982, the year my sister was born, and I think this quilt she made for Becky was probably one of her last.  Both quilts are completely hand pieced and hand quilted and are lovely pieces to preserve.

Do any of you have old handmade items from your childhood?  I always love to get these out and look at them, and feel blessed to have such special mementos.