Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day Swap Received

As I mentioned, I signed up for the Adrianne's Valentine's Day Swap over at Happy Hour Projects.  Claudia from Casa de Berry was my partner and she sent me the most fabulous package of things!  I was so excited to get the swap package in the mail.  The outer envelope was actually torn open when the postman stuffed it in my mailbox and I was so scared that something was broken because it was rattling inside.  Luckily Claudia packed it very well and the rattling was just some yummy sweet tarts.

But you guys!  Look at the awesome things she sent me:

She made me this really cute pair of earrings and necklace.  I love the "create" charm on the necklace, so very me!

Next up some yummy Peruvian drink mix (I'm excited to try it out), a really fabulous pink sparkly mirrored box and some cute decorated clothespins.   She also made me some super cool notecards and sent along a fun deep red nail polish.  The notecards are way fun, I'm a big fan of the good ole' USPS so they'll come in very handy.

Here's a final shot of the wonderful pink sparkly box on my windowsill, sitting right next to my sewing machine where I see it every time I sit down to sew.  

Thanks for being such a fabulous swap partner Claudia and for sending me such fun things!!