Wednesday, February 8, 2012

WIP Wednesday: B is for Bookmark and Bedroom and Boring!

I hope you guys have been enjoying the baby quilts I've posted of late.  There are some new more recent ones I've made coming up soon.

Today I thought I'd check in to give an update on progress (and link up with WIP Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced) since I finally have progress to share!

I completed my valentine's swap package for my swap partner over at Happy Hour Projects and there'll be some pictures of that next week.  I just want to make sure my partner gets it first.  I was paired up with the fabulous Claudia, you guys should check out her fun stuff over at Casa de Berry

In progress is my swap quilt for the Name Game Swap hosted by Anorina over at Samelia's Mum,  I have some ideas brewing, but so far all I have is this base layer.  Pretty boring right now, but I promise it'll be fun and exciting in the end!

I do have one crafty finish to show; I cross-stitched this bookmark many years ago, probably 1999 or so?  The pattern is one I think I picked up in London when we were there in 1995.  I found it buried in a bin while I was cleaning things out to move into the new studio (yay!) and decided to sit down and trim it/sew the backing on RIGHT THAT SECOND.  It took all of five minutes, but if I hadn't done it then, it might have sat in the bin for another decade.

Finally, another finish for the week.  We moved into the new bedroom!  The bedroom isn't actually new, but it's now available for a bedroom since the studio is out in the new building.  We completely cleaned out our storage unit and now my wonderful furniture is back inside to be used!  BTW, if you look in this photo you can see the pretty striking difference in lightbulb temperature;  the lamp on the left is a standard compact fluorescent, while the one on the right is a daylight CF bulb.  The left one is so orange and the right one really blue!  I'll have to get them both matching before guests come.

I'm super stoked because I know it just looks like a small extra bedroom but it's really the final major step in our whole building/reno project.  I'm really happy too that my parents will no longer have to sleep on an air mattress when they come visit (next week actually, another yay!).  Finally, I'm glad One Hen Two Ducks has a useful forever home rather than being folded up in a bag under the bed.  I love to see my quilts out.  I also put the old mariner's compass pillow on the bed; it doesn't go exactly, but it was also sadly living in a closet.  Hope you enjoy!