Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Becky's Baby Quilts

A while back I showed you the baby quilt I made for the Animal Cracker, my soon to arrive nephew or niece.  My mom's been working on a very detailed alphabet quilt to hang on the wall for the baby (which I'll show another day), but several good friends of ours have also made really lovely quilts for the baby.  Its such a blessing to have so many crafty friends!

This one was made for the baby by our long-time friend Evelyn Genta.  I love the soft colors and the great block!  She put this fun footprint/handprint on the back too so it's super cute on both sides!

This one was made for the baby by our good friend/distant cousin Helgi Osterriech.  All of the center blocks are super fun prints, some with lots of fun stuff to look at.  It's almost "I spy" like.

And this final one was made by my mom as a throw-on-the floor sister quilt to the alphabet sampler.  It uses the leftover fabric from that quilt- I just love the dominos and animals and letters in that print.  It reminds me of the Graeme Base book Animalia.

So there you are!  This will be one warm baby with all these quilts!