Monday, December 5, 2011

The Christmas Tree Skirt

I hope you aren't tired of old-Christmas-craft-projects-with-stories yet.  If you are, not to worry, regular quilting and WIPs return on Wednesday!

But today I wanted to share my Christmas tree skirt with you.  Back when I was very young, long before any of us were quilters, my Mom and her friend Susan made a whole bunch of these patchwork Christmas tree skirts.  They're tied, and they each kept one and gave several to the church to sell in the annual bazaar.

Fast forward twenty years, I was ready to have a Christmas tree of my very own for the first time and needed a skirt.  When I asked my mom about the pattern, she found not only the pattern but stacks and stacks of leftover pre-cut squares from all those years ago!  It was so exciting to get to make my Christmas tree skirt with the same fabrics as my mom's. Since I just had the leftovers, I didn't have quite enough of each fabric to make the complete pattern (thus the couple randomly out of place) but I love it all the same!

Here it is under our tree this year

And here's a terrible picture of it under our fabulous traditional NM Christmas tree two years ago.

This is my Mom's version, complete with my little dog Bullett napping on top (he thinks it's like a giant dog bed).

My mom also gave one to my grandmother- here it is at her house with my dad in his typical Christmas Hawaiian shirt a couple of years ago.

So now you've had lots of pictures of my favorite Christmas tree skirts.  I've seen some pretty cute ones around the web though (this one in particular is adorable).  What type of tree skirt do you guys use?