Wednesday, December 14, 2011

More Pouches!

At this point, I've lost track of how many posts about pouches I've done, but here's one more for you guys.  I know at this point no one needs step-by-step instructions, but I thought I'd quickly drop in and show some pictures of the ones I made to put in the stockings of my young cousins and Mike's grandkids.

They're all standard zip-top pouches.  The only one that was a little different was this one which I made out of some strip sets left over from Mike's Lone Star quilt.  Since it's cut on the angle, it was a little hard to put together, but came out fun-shaped.  It's for my cousin Ashley, she's graduating from high school in May and planning to join the Marine Corps, so I hope she likes the patriotic colors.

Here it is in progress and finished

Here are the other four, again, they're just regular (lined) zip top pouches.  On the bottom two I couched on some fun silver yarn I had sitting around.

I hope they are well-liked by their recipients!  How are you guys coming with gift-crafting?