Friday, December 16, 2011

Fabulous SewHappyGeek Swap Package

You guys, this is so awesome.  I came home Wednesday afternoon to peacefully count lipid droplets in the RPE.  If you don't know what this is, don't worry, it's even more boring than it sounds.  Important, but boring.  Anyhow, it was grey and rainy and I just needed a few hours to count and concentrate.

But when I got home, I checked the mail and a fabulous squishy package awaited me!  It was, as I hoped, my swap parcel from Jenna's SewHappyGeek table runner swap.  The package was all soggy and damp (re, grey and rainy), but the great Katrina had thoughtfully packaged it in plastic inside so all was well.  She sent me the most fabulous set of goodies.

First, the main event, this lovely wall hanging!  It has hangers in all four corners which I think means I get to pick the orientation.  Right now this way is up.

I love the circles and the spirally quilting design and the bright bold colors!  I've always been in awe of sewn circles.  Don't get me wrong, I do lots of curved piecing and curved applipiecing but usually they are freeform curves.  I can't even sew a proper circle (see exhibit A below), much less an appliqued one.  Hers are so even and circular and you can barely see the tiny turned under stitches.  What a thing to come home to!

Exhibit A:  Observe the not-roundness of this wretched ornament I made some years back

And then!  She sent me a fun pillowcase with Merry Christmas embroidered on it!  It has pink accents which is the best thing ever.  Right now, there are no Christmas accouterments in our bedroom, but that's about to change.  Poor Mike already thinks I overdo Christmas.

Katrina also kindly included a bunch of batik and tone-on-tone fabric pieces, definitely my kind of fabric.  These will have a great home in my stash.

Thanks again so much, and to Jenna as well for hosting the swap.  It was like early Merry Christmas to me!