Monday, December 26, 2011

Ornaments for the Boys

I hope as many of you as possible are still enjoying relaxing holiday time with your families.  Or, if your family is anything like mine, that you are enjoying fabulous-but-not-relaxing holiday time.  I thought I'd just drop in a put up a quick post about some ornaments I made this year as Christmas presents since they've now been given to their recipients.

This is Mike and I's third Christmas together and every year I've made him an ornament.  They're usually non-traditional things since he doesn't much go in for normal crafty Christmas decorations.  This year I was casting around for an idea and settled on the Sons of Anarchy.  For those of you who don't know, Sons of Anarchy is a TV drama about a criminal motorcycle gang.  It's actually a pretty good drama, but I don't really watch it.  Mike watches is all the time though, and I thought the juxtaposition of the crazy Sons of Anarchy logo with the jollity of a Christmas ornament was actually entertaining.  The back says Merry Christmas from SAMCRO (sons of anarchy  motorcycle club redwood original).

 I also made up this cute Texas Rangers ornament for my brother-in-law.  I didn't have much for his stocking except a chocolate bar dressed as a penguin, but he's a big Ranger's fan so I thought this would be cute and sort of manly.  Sadly, I was having a disagreement with my sewing machine the day I made these, so the execution isn't perfect, but I think they're cute anyway.

Happy second day of Christmas!  Any turtle doves around?