Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Works in Progress: The quiet book

When my sister was visiting this past weekend, she and I started working on a quiet book for her baby.  I suppose it will be a while before it's old enough to do most of the activities, but at least the book will be ready for it!  She has a couple of great patterns she bought; I promise next time to get names for them and link them up, but I forgot!  I also borrowed a couple of ideas from the amazing Creating Sarah, specifically the maze and the dot-to-dot.  We each picked some pages to start with and got to it!  There will be many more to come as we progress, and she's thinking about holding them together on rings so we can swap out pages as the baby gets bigger.

Becky started off making the two counting pages.  Super important but so many little pieces to fuse and sew! The numbers are detachable (velcro) so you can match the numeral with the number of items.

I started with this "tie the shoe" page.  It will have an actual lace-up shoelace but it's not on there yet.  We got so lucky to find a piece of fun black real leather in my scrap bin; I'd almost thrown it out the other day.  It came off of the bottom of my chaps (which I cut off since they were too long) and the lady at the motorcycle gear place looked at me sort of funny when I asked to take the scrap home, but I'm so glad I did. It made the perfect realistic looking shoe!  It was also fun to get a chance to use my grommeter.

Next I made this little train with the cute fuzzy smoke.  The wheels are buttonable so you can take them on and off if you are old enough to understand buttons.  It was fun to use my buttonhole foot; since I hardly ever make clothes it had been a long time since the foot was used!

This is the maze page;  one of Sarah's super inspiring ideas.  There's a wooden bead sewn between the layers (you can sort of see the wrinkle in the fabric where it is on the bottom middle) and the idea is to move it through from the beginning to the end.

And finally, the not-quite-finished house dot-to-dot.  There are little super strong magnets sewn under the page and into the little felt pieces so you can undo the string and then connect the dots.  It'll eventually have numbers etc.

This was our first major foray into crafts for kids (since we were kids that is) and we had a blast together.  What kind of things are you guys working on for the kids in your life?