Friday, October 14, 2011

Paint Chip Scratch Pads

I used to always carry a small notebook in my purse, but I've never been much of a note taker so I mainly used it  for making notes of appointments, phone numbers, things-to-do etc.  Since I got my iphone though, I've used it for all those purposes so stopped carrying around a notebook.  A few times recently however, I've needed something to write on.  I'm ashamed to say I've ripped off the back cover of my checkbook and even used some of the carbons off the backs of old checks.  So I decided I needed something on which to jot the quick note or to use to wrap my gum.  I didn't want anything as bulky as a notebook, so when I saw this five-minute idea I jumped on it.  Mine are not quite as nice as hers, but the same basic idea.  I cut up a bunch of paper from the recycling bin at work (mostly used printer paper) and stapled it inside a paint chip.  The card stock of the paint chip prevents the whole thing from coming apart or getting all grimy, and now my checkbooks are safe!

And, by the way, I'd love to paint some wall in my house that deep dark purple.  Actually, I'd love any of the saturated "end-of-the-card" colors.  Alas, all my walls are white, but I  have plenty of bright art hanging so it's all ok.