Friday, October 7, 2011

I made up these quick paper fall buntings over the weekend.  I glued two pieces of scrapbook paper together, then cut the triangles out using my pinking shears and then just sewed them into a long piece of double fold bias tape.  SO SO easy!!!    I'd been seeing great buntings all over the internet, but sewing and turning triangles out of fabric wasn't appealing, and I don't have a serger, so fun scrapbook paper seemed like the way to go.  I have a giant pad of it, with a bunch of different prints and colorways, so I just picked a few that said "fall" to me and went with it.  I promised myself no more short projects until I finish some more big projects, but this one was so quick!

I had four triangles left over when I ran out of bias tape, so I sewed them onto a piece of jute left over from the macrame project and pinned it on my design wall.  I hung the main bunting over the entrance to my cubby at work; sadly, my valentines day garland had been hanging there until last week! I thought I was probably overdue for a change.

As always, bunting seems really hard to take pictures of, but here you go!

Here are the four leftover bunting-lets at home.  With the extra flower left over from the wreath project.

And here is the one I hung up outside my cubby at work.