Monday, October 10, 2011

Pouches again! The iPad Case

I decided to make an iPad case for the iPad 2 Mike and I share.  I made it blue to be less girly, but he told me he thought it was still pretty girly.  Oh well!  There is a great iPad case tutorial and a round-up of fun iPad case looks over on Travel Handmade if you need step-by-step instructions.  I didn't really follow it, but I expect what I did is pretty close to her instructions.

I traced around my ipad and guesstimated how much extra I would need given the seam allowance, depth of the iPad, and thickness of the case, and then drafted these pattern templates out of freezer paper.

I used them to cut out a solid piece (for the lining) and then string pieced on the pattern templates until they were all covered.  It was fun to dig all the blues and creamy whites out of my scrap bin.


I used spray adhesive to attach the outside pieces to some polyester batting scraps and then quilted parallel lines on it with my walking foot.  I tried out some of my new Brytes thread (it's 30wt from Superior) and it worked great.  It's definitely heavier than what I usually quilt with, most of my quilting thread is 40 or 50 wt, so it was fun to see the heavier thread stand out.  This was also the first time I quilted with the batting next to the feed dogs.  I was worried it would get caught, but I had no problems on that front.

After quilting, I sewed the outside together, then the lining and then sewed the lining to the outside.  I added a magnetic snap closure; it was my first time to use those too, but it was quite simple.

So what about you guys?  Any pouches lately?  Anyone else drooling over Travel Handmade?  There are so many things there I wanted to make but don't have time for!