Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bloggers Quilt Festival- Fall 2011 One Hen, Two Ducks

Hi Everybody and Welcome!

Thanks so much to Amy for hosting the Bloggers Quilt Festival,  what a fun way for us to share our stuff!

This quilt is called One Hen, Two Ducks.  Don't bother looking for the ducks, there aren't any!  Since it's sort of an "I Spy" quilt, filled with fun things to find and discover, I named it after an old "I Spy" style poem my sister and I learned long ago.

I started this quilt in a One Block Wonders class given by Maxine Rosenthal, and it's one of my favorites.  The bright color scheme and bright-on-black quilting are fairly common ways for me to work;  I recently made a neutral quilt for a swap and it was a (pleasant) shock to my system not to use crazy saturated colors all the time.

In this quilt, all the blocks were made from this fun Laurel Burch panel, and I left a large black section off to one side so I could include some blocks that didn't coordinate quite so well.

Here's a picture as I was assembling the blocks into rows, and some pictures of some of the regions up close.

My very favorite part of this quilt is actually the quilting.  It was the first really large quilt I'd ever made and definitely the first quilt in which I was brave enough to free motion quilt in bright contrasting colors!  I love these little half-leaf-half-centipedes that crawl all over the black background!

I hope you enjoy my quilt and all the others in the 2011 fall Bloggers Quilt Festival!