Wednesday, September 14, 2011

State Fair Roundup

I've entered some of my quilts in quilt shows before (when I can remember the deadlines), and it's always fun to see them hanging up with the really phenomenal work that is usually present.  This year I decided to enter a quilt in the state fair (which always reminds me of Charlotte and Wilbur).  They give out ribbons up to 10th place in each category, and even though they use fairly standard ribbons, they're usually bright fun colors.

When I went online to register, I realized I'd missed the deadline so had to pay a late fee.  When I looked closer though, I realized it was a single ten dollar fee for as many items as you wanted to enter and the only limit was that you could only enter one item per category and the items had to be finished this year.  The state fair has LOTS of categories, so I figured why not enter several things!

Here's what I entered; keep your fingers crossed that I get at least a couple of fun colored ribbons!

In Quilts: Machine Quilted

In Embroidery: Mixed Types (I originally had it in Custom Needlepoint but the lady at the fair told me it wasn't needlepoint at all and helped me find a different category.  I was confused apparently)
Starflower 2

In Crochet: Animals/amigurumi

 In Quilts: Crib
Hawaiian Applique (yes, I know it's not really a crib quilt, but it's about that size, and you're really not supposed to put quilts in cribs anyway these days)
In Quilts: Miniature

And, finally
In Quilts: Wall Hangings

Wish me luck!

What's your feeling on entering quilts or projects in contests?  Have you won any fun ribbons?