Friday, September 30, 2011


As kids, we used to go to Girl Scout day camp at this great camp just outside of town.  The main building was built on a hill and behind it was a steep slope down to (presumably?) a river.  The slope was forested and covered in lots of scrub oak and poison ivy, so we never went down there.  We did do one project on the backside of the building though, and that was macrame.  I think the leaders chose to put us there so we would have something to hang our things from.  I don't remember ever making anything but plant holders, but I remember it being quite fun.  That one year at day camp all the macrame-ing I'd ever done until a couple of weeks ago.

My mom brought me a Christmas cactus to put in my plant window, but the space there was full.  I decided to make an old school macrame plant holder to hang my spider plant from the ceiling so the Christmas cactus could sit in the window.  I found this easy pattern, and started in.  That website has good descriptions and instructions for the knots as well as free patterns which was good because I had no idea where to start.  I'm not sure how you're actually supposed to hold it while working, I just slipped the bottom ring (it builds from the bottom) around my big toe.  It took me the length of an OSU football game to finish, and here it is!

It was fun and easy to make, especially since I chose a really basic pattern.  I think it looks way better than a store bought generic plant holder, but I'm probably not going to do any more macrame for a while.  I have lots of other projects, and randomly the jute made me sneeze a whole lot while I was working with it.  You guys ever do any macrame or knot crafts?