Friday, September 2, 2011

More Pink!

My sewing room is pretty full.  My dearest wish is to own a longarm quilting machine, but it would require a house addition in order to have somewhere to store it.  I really am lucky to have an extra room I can dedicate to crafts, but it really doesn't have any extra space.  One of my recent acquisitions was an overhead projector which my lab was going to send to surplus.  I gleefully took it home and now use it as a light box and as a projector for blowing up patterns and stuff.  However, I didn't have anywhere to put it.  I'd been storing it on my kitchen footstool, which made the height of the projector all right for working, but meant that every time I needed the stool I had to move the projector.

Then a couple of weeks back, my fabulous friend Linda decided to have a garage sale.  It was a monumental undertaking, sufficient to fill an entire blog post on its own, but the upshot was that she let me have this great little three drawer nightstand thing.  It was the perfect size to hold the projector and still fit under the shelf where it has to live.  Bonus, it has drawers (albeit small) for extra storage.  I gleefully took it home and returned my foot stool to the kitchen.  Sorry, all the initial pictures were taken on the fly with my iphone, so they're pretty wretched.

The nightstand was part of a smallish set, sort of country chic-ish.  Very nice but not my style at all.  I don't think it was Linda's style either, thus the garage sale-ness.  Anyhow, since it was going in my sewing room with the recently refinished bookcase and I had leftover paint from that project I decided to fix up the nightstand to match.  I only had a little bit of the light grey left so used it for the top of the night stand, and used pink on the rest.  I'm still a painting novice, but the finish was pretty woody to begin with so I didn't sand or anything.  It did take 5 coats of pink paint to cover over the dark green, but finally came out very cute.  The drawers don't slide quite as well as I'd like after being repainted, but they work.  If anyone knows a secret to that part I'd love to hear it!

After painting I went off to Hobby Lobby where I was lucky enough to encounter the last day of a 50% off all  drawer hardware sale.  I went ahead and bought six complete sets of hardware, figuring I'd return whichever ones I wound up not liking.  I even thought for a while I might mix and match.   I'm so glad I bought all the different ones; the drawer pulls I fell in love with in the store were not the ones I wound up liking best on the nightstand!

Those fabulous flower ones are the ones I fell in love with at the store (top right in the first drawer pull picture), and in fact, when I returned all the unused ones, I kept two of those just because sometime I think I'll find something cool to do with them.  I'd also really loved the clear green and purple flower ones (top left-the purple looks sort of black in the crummy picture) in the store.  In the end though, the bright pink sort of showed through all the glass ones, kind of muddying the look.  The surprise (to me) winner, were the black and white ceramic ones.  The grey accent around the white goes well with the light grey top and they provide great contrast!

So there you have it!  More pink for my sewing room.  Poor Mike is feeling a little over-saturated I think since he works in there some too.  But my pink and grey paint are just about used up now, only enough left for a few touchups, so I think I'm done with these colors at least.   Hopefully soon I'll have some pictures of the whole sewing room to show.

What about you guys- have your favorite something turn out to be totally not what you were thinking? Which drawer pulls do you guys like best?