Friday, September 16, 2011

H is for Hippo

This is the last post on the small things I made for my mom's recent birthday.  My mom has collected hippos for a long time now, and they are usually pretty adorable.  Apparently in real life they are quite mean, but none of ours are.  When I made the crocheted amigurumi elephant and dog, Mom asked if there was a hippo.

There was not a hippo in the book I had, so I scoured the internet for a tutorial or a pattern.  Sadly, in spite of the wealth of little amigurumi, I had little luck finding a hippo pattern.  I finally stumbled upon this adorable purple hippo and the lady said she had made it using Vanna White's Easy Crochet Critters book.  I got it from Hobby Lobby and crocheted away.  As with most amigurumi, the patterns are very easy and it went together quickly.

Bizarre side note:  when I started looking for a crocheted hippo pattern, I swear I could not find anything online.  Then, a minute ago in an effort to find the original cute purple hippo that inspired me to get the Vanna White book, I google "amigurumi hippo" and  tons of cute hippos and several patterns pop up right away.  I have no idea what I was doing before but weird.  Sadly, I can't even find the really cute one I saw before!

Anyway, I made my hippo with green lightly variegated yarn and gave her a pink neck scarf.

I really like making these little guys.  They're all easy to crochet, the patterns are simple, and the results are adorable.  They're great for a take-along project.  Next up- a little alligator guy!

Hope you enjoy!