Monday, September 19, 2011

Patty the Piglet

Another fun crochet amigurumi for you guys!  I swear I really am a quilter, but these little projects just get done so quickly I can't help but post them.  I promise, progress on big quilts is ongoing.

I made this cute little pig for Mike's granddaughter's third birthday.  The theme of her party was Olivia, but I couldn't find an actual Olivia crochet pattern.  Upon opening the package, she swirled the piglet around and around by its tail and then threw her in the air.  The piglet is really pretty round and tosses well.  The pattern was very simple and found here.  I decided I'd rather have a skirt than wings, so I just added one instead.  For anyone keeping track, this is the same skein of pink yarn as Pokey the Pink Elephant was made from.  I also made a small pink bunny I haven't yet blogged about, as well as Patty the Piglet.  There's still enough of this yarn for one more animal at least, then maybe I'll switch to a different color.

My favorite part about the little piglet is her curly tail!

I tossed the piglet to Mike and he tried to show Missy.  Alas, Missy was quite aggravated by the piglet and growled at it alarmingly.  One final note,  I'm so excited, we're going to the fair tonight and there are little baby piglets there that were just born last Thursday!  I'm so excited to see them, although Mike thinks I'm nuts.

What's you guys favorite fair activity?