Wednesday, November 14, 2012

WIP: Wednesday

I've been working on a variety of projects this past week with the net result that I don't have any finishes at all except for a tote bag I made with my sister of which I forgot to take pictures.  My biggest accomplishment was spending lots of time over the weekend with Becky and Anna, something I really wish I had more of!


Womp-womp (none)


Late last week I spent a bit of time quilting along on my nativity quilt, although I haven't really made enough progress to show any more (lest everyone get tired of seeing the same thing over and over again).

Over the weekend I worked some more on the costumes for the Twelfth Night festival at church.  I have two completely sewn and finished now, and one finished that I just had to do some small alterations (actually just sewing about a million bells onto a jester costume).  I have one costume left to sew from scratch (an easy servant costume), and one more costume that requires alteration.  Sadly, the one requiring alteration will probably be more of a pain-in-the-neck than the one I make up from the beginning.  It's the king costume and it was commercially purchased but is too short.  Unfortunately because of the way it is constructed, lengthening it is not quite so simple as I'd like.

Here's the one I finished over the weekend- it's actually a really simple costume, princess seams, no sleeves, no zip.  I used up a bunch of gold fabric that used to be a curtain in my closet (the center panel) and got a bit more contrasting gold to finish it off.

I also finally (HOORAY) started actually working on my Amy Butler weekender bag over the weekend.  I bought fabric a long time ago for it but I wasn't really crazy about it, so this weekend Becky and I got some different fabric and I got all the pieces cut out and the handles made. I'm so excited to finally be moving forward with this project and I probably would never have started it now except that I needed a project that I could work on while hanging out with Becky and Anna.  Quilting requires too much concentration, but cutting out all the bag pieces was just the ticket!

I know it doesn't look like much, but it's progress!  The khaki with the big flowers is for the outside and the cream with swirls is for the lining and piping/handles/contrast.

I actually also started working on the memory quilt for my friend Linda, in as much as I got out all the blocks and organized them on my design wall.  I'm still missing a few from people so I have to gather them up before I can do much more on that front.

No Progress this week/UFOs/Projects I really need to get going on:

Dog Quilt
English Paper Piecing Mini
Thanksgiving Quilt (I'm probably going to try some quilt as you go on this.  Someday. right now it's a medium sized quilt sandwich waiting to be quilted)
Sun Printing/Cyanotype Blocks
Anna Butterfly Blocks
Silk Screened Quail
Bobbin Quilting
Dream Catcher Quilt, Fabric Challenge for MQS (we got the fabric for this at MQS last year)
Secret Christmas Projects
Boxy Bag (this has been on my wish list for a long time)
Sunglasses Case/Frame Purse
Snowflake Christmas table runner
Crewel Sampler  (I'm just craving this but have thus far resisted buying it).