Thursday, November 15, 2012

Giving Thanks for Super Fab Giveaways

I've recently been lucky enough to have been the winner of two super sweet giveaways, and just wanted to share them with you along with a big shout out THANKS to their sponsors.

First, I received the most lovely package from Stephanie over at Spontaneous Threads.  I won her October De-Stash giveaway and she sent a huge box stuffed completely full of fabulous Christmassy themed things.  I was soooo excited to receive it, and overwhelmed by how many goodies fit inside.  It had all kinds of things; fabric scraps and trims, but also Christmas decorations, soaps, all kinds of yummy home decor things, adorable book plates and on and on.  What a great package to receive, especially as I love decorating for the holidays.  I haven't put my Christmas stuff out yet, I'm a staunch not-till-after-Thanksgiving girl, but it's all waiting in the wings!

Second, I won the giveaway from Tactile Fabrics which Jeni was hosting over at In Color Order.  Jennifer at Tactile Fabrics sent me the yummiest fat quarter bundle-  I love the house print the best, but there are so many cute ones in here, the pie charts, and the chartreuse with polka dots, and the yummy one right next to the chartreuse with polka dots.  All fabulous!  I haven't bought new quilting fabric in a while (my crafty money has had to go to more boring things like zippers and needles) so it was so fun to get such a sunshiny package of new fabric in the mail.

Thanks again to Stephanie, Jennifer and Jeni!  You guys totally made my day (twice!).