Monday, November 12, 2012

Hoop-La-La Swap Sent

I meant to post this last week and didn't quite get around to it amid preparations for the arrival of my sister and baby Anna-Banana.  We had such a fun time, Anna is super-duper adorable. She is crawling all around and has so much fun playing with her rattles and chewing on things.  She has acquired a consonant (B) so we were excited about that too.

I recently participated in the Hoop-La-La swap being hosted by Sew Allegorical.  The swap was for a piece of hoop art involving piecing.  Since my partner (the lovely Jessica at Plum Patchwork) received the hoop I made for her, I thought I'd go ahead and share it here.  On the entry form you could specify whether you wanted a purely decorative hoop or a functional one (such as a clock or notions pocket hoop).  Jessica said either was fine so I jumped at the chance to try making a hoop clock, since I'd been wanting to attempt one for a while.  I figured a 12 point compass would be fitting for a clock and included some fun quilting around the edge.  It's hard to tell, but the outer hoop is wrapped in the same fabric as the stripes on the front.  I embroidered "time to sew!" on it since I figure we all need more of that!  I also included the pouch on the left below (which is actually more of a purple-blue rather than the bright blue the picture shows) and some yummy scraps as extras.  All in all a very fun swap and thanks so much to Sew Allegorical for hosting it!