Friday, September 28, 2012

Fall Trees

Last year I pinned this fabulous picture and never got around to making anything inspired by it.  Then recently I found this, and really liked the idea of doing something canvassy rather than quilty.  When my minimal-sewing friend Linda and I decided to do a craft morning, I thought this might make a fun project.  We did kind of a hybrid of the two; the leaves are all fusible-backed and fused onto fabric.  After fusing, we mounted them on stretcher bars to make fun fall-inspired wall art.  It was such a stress relieving project, no worries about sewing or puckers or perfection; just pulling fun, inspiring colors and fabrics.

Here's the one Linda made, with mine underneath it.  We were both thrilled with how they turned out!

It makes a super fun addition to my fall decorations which I just put up last weekend.  Have you guys been doing any fall decorating/crafting lately?