Friday, May 4, 2012

We're Not in Kansas Anymore

Hello blogland,  feels like I've been absent for a bit.  Sadly, I'll be out next week too.  I'm leaving tomorrow for my annual trip to ARVO, the national vision research conference (check out the abstracts if you're at all interested in vision research).  I'm excited to see some good friends and hopefully get some of my wayward science mojo back.

I have been crafting and sewing and working on Seymour, but I haven't made any really remarkable progress lately.  In addition, terribleness of terribleness, I lost the SD card from my camera.  It had a bunch of pictures of projects I was going to blog about so I'm pretty irritated.  Mike lent me his, but now I'm afraid to remove it from the camera.  I know the darn thing has to be somewhere in the house or studio, but we've searched and searched to no avail.  For today, iphone pictures will have to be enough.

Seems like I've been making lots of little presents for people lately, some I can't share yet, but a couple are for non blog readers so I can go ahead and show them.  I made this cute super-scrubby dishcloth for my grandma (if you have to wash dishes, might as well have a cute dishcloth).  The block is adapted from the Granny Square Book (such fun) which my mom gave me for Christmas.

Last night I also whipped up a small pouch for my cousin who is graduating from high school next week.  I'm going to send her a check but wanted something cute and handmade to put it in.  I realized only yesterday it needed to be mailed today or it would be too late after I get back from my trip.  She's really athletic and active, so I hope she likes the green with black/grey racing stripes.  The inside is the two different grey prints.

But the post title actually refers to a fun just-for-me project I did last Sunday afternoon.  Not sparkly red (or silver) shoes, but just as good.  My friend Linda mentioned the other day that target had cute suede wedges on sale for 50% off.   I went by and picked up a pair, but they were a pretty boring solid greyish beige, so I decided to color them with my magical multi-colored sharpie pack (I had a before pic but it was on the aforementioned missing SD card).  It worked like a charm.  I used masking tape to block off areas and then just colored them in.  I love them, so much better than just plain.

And here are a couple with my lovelies, because all craft pictures are better with gratuitous inclusion of dogs.

Don't they look innocent!
Hope you all have a good weekend!