Monday, May 21, 2012

Super Secret Embroidery Come to Light

Way back in my New Year post for 2012 I mentioned a super secret embroidery project.  Well, the time has finally come to reveal it.  I really liked LuloBird's fabulous pillows, seriously you guys should check out her etsy shop.  Her embroidery is so much nicer than mine.  Anyway, I decided to make some state embroideries inspired by hers.  I made one New Mexico for my dad's birthday which was yesterday, so I thought I'd finally show them on here.  

I made the other New Mexico for me and then made two Oklahomas one for me and one for Mike's daughter Michelle who had to move to Wyoming with her family.  I thought she'd like having a little something to remind her of home.  

These were my first project to use perl cotton, it was easy to use, and I was glad to finally have some project for it.  I picked out a few skeins in Eureka Springs last fall, but hadn't made anything with it yet.  Hope you guys enjoy!