Thursday, May 10, 2012

The carpet!

This post is an ode to fabulous carpet so feel free to skip it. I promise sewing soon.

The ARVO meeting I'm currently attending has been held in Fort Lauderdale Florida for a million years. Before that it was held in Sarasota but that's not relevant to my story. Anyway, I'm really not fond of Ft. Lauderdale. I won't go into why but suffice it to say I was jumping for joy when they announced that the meeting would be rotating destinations. Next year it will be in Seattle, so hooray.

There is,however, one thing I will really miss about Ft. Lauderdale and that's the carpet in the convention center. It's pretty much the most awesome carpet anywhere. It's presaged by the carpet at the airport here which is lovey but mostly reminds you there is way yummier carpet to come. It's a blue and green wavy pattern with fish and sea life of all different varieties on it. In open foyer/lobby areas there are large aquatic animals inside oval motifs. There are red/gold/green coral reef borders, and some of the meeting rooms have red/gold/green aquatic flora. All of it is appropriate in scale, complementary in color, and fitting for the context. It would probably be terrible anywhere else, but here it's wonderful.

Untitled Untitled Carpet Untitled Carpet
Farewell fabulous carpet. I'll miss you!