Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Flowers

I spent the weekend in Dallas with my sister, her husband, and my darling niece Anna-Banana.  She is absolutely adorable and getting sturdier by the second.  Becky says I'm still not allowed to throw her into the air, but soon I will!  Just a month has made so much difference in how alert and responsive she is.

My mom and I are going to MQS later this week, so we'll get to spend some quality time together, but I thought I'd quickly show the small crafty goodness I made for Becky for her first Mother's Day.

I saw these fun paper hearts and I thought they'd look great in a "bouquet" of sorts so I made some up out of fun scrapbooking paper and glued them to shish kebab skewers I'd painted green.  I made a few leaves as well, and then stuck all of them into a styrofoam ball inside a decorated can so that the arrangement would hold its shape. I stuffed some green felt in the top to look like grass and I think the whole thing came out cute. I figured she could use the can as a pencil cup later on if she gets tired of the flower arrangement.

I know you were all expecting a picture of the whole thing, but because I'm an idiot, I apparently forgot to take a picture of it before giving it to Becky.  So here are the hearts, and probably you can all imagine how cute they would look nicely arranged with leaves etc.  This is just the latest in my ongoing series of brain farts.  In a similar vein, I actually did find my missing SD card this morning; it was in the SD slot of my laptop (where it was supposed to be) the whole time.  Yes, total Shannon fail.

Anyhow, I sewed across the top and bottom of the hearts, but you could probably glue them just as easily.  I used four lengths of strips for each one, 12", 9.5", 7", and 5.5" plus one short piece to hold the middle together.  The middle piece can be whatever length you want to give more or less curvature to the heart, although it should be less than half the length of the shortest strip or else it won't make a heart shape.  My strips were ~3/4" and ~1 1/2" in width, but you can really do whatever width suits you.

I think these would make lots of other fun shapes, and would make especially fun magic wands, should any of those be needed in your household.  Hope you guys had a good weekend and a fun Mother's Day!