Wednesday, February 20, 2013

WIP Purses

Hi everybody!  Hope everyone out there in blogland is doing well.  I haven't been organized enough to get a WIP: Wednesday post together in a few weeks (ouch), but I have been sewing.

Finishes (in the last several weeks): 

1. My tree quilt (hooray),  now officially named The Sister Tree.  Check back on Friday for a final write-up about that.

2. My text messages entry for the SAQA text messages show.  Not sure I'll get in, but the quilt's finished, and named In Nomine Patris.  I haven't shown it here yet, but it's been my primary design project this winter.  Maybe next week I'll get around to getting some good pictures and writing a couple posts about the design process.

3. My new purse to take to Asilomar.  I've been following along over at LiEr's blog ikatbag, (seriously you guys, one of my very favorite blogs) as she does a series on designing your own bags.  I decided to make myself a new purse/carryon to take with me on my trip to CA in a couple of weeks and this is the outcome!  I've made bags without patterns before, but they've mostly been fairly simple totes.  This is the first time I designed one from scratch (I know it's fairly simple but still) and I'm excited to have gotten everything assembled (straps/hardware, closures, piping, zippers, piecing, lining, pockets, etc.) in the right order without having to undo any of it half-way through.  It's fairly good sized purse but not huge (not as big as a standard messenger bag) and the strap lengthens enough to go cross body if necessary.

In progress:

The main things I'm working on right now are small miscellaneous things, like changing around the pocket configuration on Seymour the Dinosaur.  I'm also working on some photoshop design projects for an online class on using photoshop to make fabric (more on that to come too).  Most exciting, I'm getting ready and doing some design prep work for the upcoming Empty Spools Seminar my mom and I are attending in less than two weeks.  If you don't know about them, Empty Spools seminars are 5 day quilting classes held at Asilomar State Park near Monterey CA.  This year we're taking a class from fabulous Australian Art Quilter Gloria Loughman and I'm so excited!

No Progress/Future Projects

Too many to list today!