Monday, February 18, 2013

One More Valentine's Post

I love Valentine's Day, such a fun excuse for crafting, and I wanted to share the valentine's I made for my loved ones this year.  I'm not sure how I stumbled upon this Martha Stewart Craft Post by Erin Jang of Indigo Bunting, but I love rebuses and matchbox crafts (I made an advent calendar out of them actually, but I guess I never posted about it), so I thought I'd try a variation on the idea for my valentines.

I think the idea would be easy to adapt for any holiday or birthday- you might give it a whirl if you're looking for easy card alternatives.

And one more happy thing-  My 2013 valentine's block from my mom!  She's making us (my sister and me) one every year, and someday we'll put them into a quilt.  This years features gradients (from photoshop) and embroideries from her embroidery machine.  So fun since both of those are things she's been working with a lot lately.