Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Progress on the Quiet Book

Things have been fairly busy here on the non-quilty front lately so I haven't been getting as much done as I'd like, but Becky and Anna came up this past weekend and I wanted to share a project we worked on together.

First, I have to say, Anna is so adorable!  She walks and runs all over the place like a pro, bending over to retrieve things from the floor or stack them up.  If you balance something on your head (like a stuffed toy), she'll walk over to you and lean over and grab it off- usually with a great big grin or giggle.  It was so special to spend time with them and I can't wait to see them in March.

Anyway, a long time ago (before Anna was even born), Becky and I started working on a quiet book.  We had one as kids that my mom made us, and we wanted to make one for Anna.  She's old enough now to enjoy some of the simpler pages, and of course anything she can put in her mouth (like a fabric book) is great fun.

Here's what we got done over the weekend! I hope Anna enjoys it.