Monday, January 23, 2012

The studio is..... colored?

Things have been pretty crazy lately in our neck of the woods, so I haven't been sewing quite as much as usual.  One of the things that's been keeping us busy is the new studio project.  I'm so excited its finally coming along and am very anxious to get moved in.  To make things more chaotic, we've decided to take advantage of the general moving-around-ness to do some other small home renovations, so things inside the house are all in an uproar.  The dogs aren't quite sure what to think.

Anyhow, I just thought I'd pop in and share a few updated pictures from the studio.  When last I checked in,  it looked like this

The next step was to have it framed which happened just before Christmas.  Then the electrician came, and then the framer came back to do the sheetrock and tape and texture, and then the electrician came back again, etc.   Finally, today Mike and I painted.  It took us all day, but we got one coat on all the walls.  I painted the center truss with several coats of white spray paint since it was just bare, so now it blends in better with the walls.  We'll be putting on at least one more coat of the bright yellow on the back wall, but we're definitely making progress.  Special shout out to Mike who did most of the hard painting including the whole giant ceiling!

It's kind of hard to tell since Mike was madly snapping pictures after it got dark as I finished up some last painting, but the yellow is bright saturated crayola-8-pack-first-grade-color-wheel-just-plain-yellow yellow.  It's the brightest yellow I could find with as little green or orange undertone as possible.  The color is great and after one more coat I think it will look much awesome.

 For anyone local, my electrician was Feegee Matlock and my drywall/framer was James Henslee.  They were both awesome and I'd recommend them for sure.

 Any of you have ongoing renovations?  Home improvement projects?  New studios?

UPDATE:  You guys!  You will not believe the awesomeness!!!  While I was at work today Mike painted the whole building again white and yellow as a surprise for me!  It looks fantastic super-duper wonderful.  He's such a sweetie.  Then he sat down on one of the dog poofs and scrunched around on the floor with a scraper scraping off all the texturing compound so we would have smooth floors to lay the laminate this weekend.  How blessed am I to have such a guy!