Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas Giveaways

Today I just want to give a fabulous thanks to the ladies who sponsored the giveaways I won before the holidays.  As part of the big giveaway weeks over at the Quilting Gallery and Sew Mama Sew, I entered many many generous giveaways, and was lucky enough to win four.

Thanks so much to Andrea over at Stitch Parade from whom I won this adorable clutch.  I love the gold accents in the fabric that pick up the frame.  It's fabulous and now residing in my giant purse from whence I can retrieve it for any time when I don't want to drag the whole bag around.

Thanks also to Sally over at Sally's Quilting Corner who gave away a yard cut of this cute green fabric.  It's perfect for my stash,  I don't have very many lights, and this green and white print is perfect.

I was also lucky enough to win this little plaid pouch from Kathy over at Running With Rocket.  I really love the black plaid; I'm always too chicken to use plaid since getting it lined up can be a challenge.  This is super for carrying around hand projects and I was very excited to win it.

Finally,  Diane over at Random Thoughts do or "di"  sent this fabulous frame bag, a bunch of great patterns, and a really generous pile of large scraps because I won her giveaway by guessing her favorite Christmas song/artist. The bag is really large!  When I saw it on the giveaway link, I thought it was like a coin purse, but it's really much bigger, maybe 10 x 10 or so.  I have the perfect set of stuff to put in it; I've been looking for a pouch that size for some time.  I love that orange polka dot fabric on the inside and it even has a pocket!

So many many thanks to these wonderful ladies.  I was so excited to win some giveaways, and next year I will definitely join in and sponsor one.  The whole event was very fun!  All four of these ladies have lovely blogs, you should definitely peek in and check them out!