Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tackling the UFOs!

So over at Fashioned by Meg they're doing a Finish it Up Challenge for summer of 2011.  Sounds like the plan for me!

I have counted up my UFOs and here is the current list of quilt projects things that have been started and not finished:

1. Purple Medallion Quilt:  Status- top pieced, needs to have faux trapunto and machine quilting.
2. Hawaiian Applique Quilt: Status-top pieced, sandwich made, some quilting done.  Needs to have Zendoodling quilting done and finished.
3. Dog Portraits: Status- two dogs thread painted, need to finish thread painting, assembly, and quilting.
4. Nativity Mosaic Quilt: Status- Mary and Joseph are mosaic-ed, everyone else needs to be tiled in and finished.
5. Visions of God Group Church Quilt: Status- All the blocks but 3 are sitting in a pile on my desk.  I need to get  three more blocks and then assemble/quilt it.
6. Large S Quilt: Status-Top is finished, needs to be blocked and quilted.
7. Small Caryl Fallert Blocks: Status-Miscellaneous blocks need to be quilted/finished and donated.
8. Grandmother's Flower Garden Project: Status-Not even sure what this is going to be, but I have been piecing a bunch of grandmother's flower garden blocks and need to do something with them.
9. Miniature Whole Cloth Quilt: Status-about 2/3ds finished, need to find some ribbon to quilt with and maybe some perl cotton.

Eek!  It seems like these are a lot of pretty big unfinished quilting projects and there may be more if I actually went through all my piles!  Certainly there are other ongoing non-quilt projects I'm involved in but it doesn't seem fair to list them too.  I'm going to be trying work hard on them this summer.  And while I could never promise not to start any new projects, I'm promising myself not to start any new BIG projects.  Keep your fingers crossed that I make some progress!

Here's a teaser picture from number 3 above.