Monday, June 13, 2011

Book Covers

Back in high school (in our pre-quilting days), my mom helped my sister and I make Bible covers.  They were fairly simple, and a great way to protect often referenced books, especially paperbacks.

More recently, I started keeping photos of my quilts in a small sketchbook and thought that it also ought to have a fabric cover.  This one doesn't have a layer of batting, but does have some raw-edge applique with beading a little bit of decorative stitching.

And then, just last week, my boss mentioned that she wanted to print out some 8.5x11 pictures to give to her far away granddaughter.  She had them in sheet protectors in a regular three-ring binder, so I made this book cover for the binder.  Fun colors for a little girl I thought, and fun colors for me too.  Anyway, the book covers are a super easy way to dress up a book, binder, sketchbook, or whatever.