Saturday, June 11, 2011

Eye on the Ocean

This was my first big quilt after the bargello.  It's called "Eye on the Ocean" and I started on it in 2007.  The large center panel was a sarong I picked up in Hawaii, and the border points are made out of hawaiian-shirt fabric I also purchased there.  There's a great chain of about five fabric stores on the Hawaiian islands, we visit them every time we are lucky enough to visit.  I love these colors, they crop up again and again in my projects, no matter how hard I try.  Working with the sarong was a little bit tough; it was some sort of rayon and quite stretchy.  The quilt is almost large enough for a double bed but not quite.  Someday when I have a guest room, it will go on my twin beds with it's partner in quilt-brightness (One Hen, Two Ducks).  This was also the first quilt I ever did on the long arm (my mom's voyager); I can't imagine quilting something this big on my regular machine.  Hats off to the amazing quilt artists out there who do!
Eye on the Ocean, 92" x 65", 2008