Friday, January 18, 2013

More on the Tree Quilt

Just a quick update on my tree quilt- I've finished the branches and started on the leaves. The soldering iron is working great for going around the organza. I have, so far, not burned anything down.  A few observations:

1. Use cotton thread to sew down the organza and use natural fibers for whatever you're couching on top.  I used polyester thread for a bit of it, and as I cut the organza with the soldering iron the thread melted too!

2. If you hold the soldering iron on the cotton back for too long it will burn a hole in the cotton as well, so watch out.

3. Steel wool works great for scrubbing the gooey stuff off the end of the soldering iron. 

4.  Be especially careful when cutting around a piece that's layered over another organza piece- it seems very easy to burn a hole in the underlying layer.

I haven't finished adding leaves and still have to do the bobbin quilting around them.  So far the leaf clumps feel very flat to me, probably because they are all about the same size and a single color.  I'm going to use several different shades of green for the bobbin quilting and try to add some smaller leaf clumps, but do you guys have any suggestions for making it look less flat?

Wishing everyone a happy weekend, and linking up with Nina-Marie!