Monday, January 28, 2013

Dish Towels

I used to see these and think they were really old lady-ish, or too country-ish for my taste, or kind of silly (like crocheted toilet seat covers-which always make me think "ew germy!").

However, you know what they are?  Useful.  Convenient. Handy. (and even cute).  Our dogs run off with any dish towel draped over a handle (of the fridge or stove for instance) and even ones left on the table or counter if they're close to the edge.  As a result, my dish towels are always balled up in a back corner, under the english muffins or somewhere else really random.  They don't dry out very well and as a consequence they're only out for a day or so before they get tossed in the laundry hamper.  I saw a couple of these at my mom's and decided I should make some.  I discovered the crocheted part is actually called a towel topper, and there are about a million web tutorials, but I didn't really follow one. I just sort of crocheted until I thought it looked finished, and now I can dry my hands in peace.

Many thanks to Mike for hanging the little handle!