Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Arrival of Seymour

Or rather, finally a plan for his arrival.  All this time, Seymour's just been floating in the back of my mind, but now that his romping fields (er... desert and jungle) are ready, it's time for him to come forward.

When last we left off I'd decided to incorporate trim in the facing of the quilts so that the two sides could be laced together.  In contrast to the test block, I didn't want black trim for the actual pieces, I think it's just too dark.  I got some cream colored trim at JoAnns and tried dyeing half of it with brown ink to darken it up a bit for the back side.  It worked a little, but not very much.  There's obviously more that goes into dying (especially something like a synthetic trim) than soaking it in diluted brown ink!

Anyway, I used the same procedure as I did on the test blocks; glue down trim (with washable glue stick which I put on everything), sew down trim, sew on facing, then flip facing and iron iron iron. Finally, I hand sewed the edge of the facing on the back.  I just finished that part this morning (hooray).

In my original drawings, Seymour took up almost the entirety of the quilt.  But when I was at the Denver Museum of Natural History I was able to view an actual Coelophysis skeleton and it was smaller than I'd thought.  In addition, I really don't like the idea of covering up all my background.  Finally, I don't want the quilts to look like the dinosaur is just stuck on top.

I decided to audition (via photoshop) three different sizes of dinosaur for each side.  The first is the original size I'd planned to do it, the second two are smaller.  I'm currently leaning toward the smallest.  What do you guys think?