Monday, August 6, 2012

Anna's First Book

Not really of course,  Anna already has more books than almost anyone I know, thanks mostly to the fact that we have children's books going back five generations.  In any case, this is the first book made for her by her grandmother (Muddy).  My mom got an embroidery machine a while back and has been having fun trying it out.  She made a bunch of cute kiddy embroideries for Anna and decided to assemble them into a fabric book.  While I was there this weekend for a fabulous 85th birthday celebration for my grandfather, I helped her put in the grommets/rings and snapped some pictures.  Super cute no?

Anna's getting bigger by the second and has now mastered sitting up.  She's so adorable.  It was really wonderful (although a bit whirlwind crazy) to see so many extended family at the party.  Afterwards we went to White Sands (a perennial favorite) and cooked out, and enjoyed the beautiful views and sunset. Here's my wonderful Grandpa in 1928 when he wasn't too much older than Anna!

Incidentally, wildfires have been flaring up all over Oklahoma and Mike's been very busy with the Red Cross disaster assessment team.  Please keep all those who've lost there homes here (many) in your thoughts and prayers!