Monday, April 23, 2012

Not-so-quick Napkins

I'm still working on Seymour, but thought I'd take a break to do a quick project.  I loved Rebecca's (from SewFestiveHandmade) idea to make napkins out of some of your fun prints which are unlikely to make it into quilts.  I have bunches of those,  bold, graphic prints that I adore, but which don't really fit into most of my quilts.

I decided I'd make napkins out of some of them, thinking it'd be a quick, easy project.   I thought it would be fun to have mixed prints so Mike and I would always know which napkin was whose.  I cut my fabric into 10.25" squares simply because that led to 4 napkins in a width of fabric.  I later realized that's a bit small for dinner napkins, but they're ok.

All I was going to do was hem the stupid squares.  Turned out to be the most wretched project!  I hemmed two sides of each napkin and then the other two.  My Janome absolutely would not sew over the corners without gumming up.  Because the hems were narrow, there was nothing to pull or push, and every corner got all knotted up.  I thought about trying my Singer 201, but I couldn't even get it to sew and I still have no idea what's wrong with it.

I finally got them finished and I think they're pretty cute, but not quite as carefree a project as I anticipated.  Mike will be the grellow Amy Butler ones, and I'll be the blue and pink dahlias.

You guys do any recent way easy projects that weren't?