Monday, April 16, 2012

Baptism Gown

I've been so excited for my sister to have her baby, and we are so happy she's arrived.  I went to visit them last weekend and my mom came out to visit as well.  I'd told Becky I'd make a gown for Anna's baptism, so my mom and I decided to make it while we were there together.

I have a whole bunch of old/antique linens that belonged to my grandmother who passed away a few years ago. Many of them are bridge tablecloth size and we don't use them very much, so I thought it would be lovely to use some of the linens to make the baptism gown. 

Becky didn't want a long baptism gown, she said she'd prefer to have just a cute white dress so maybe Anna could wear it again.  I got Simplicity 2264 and we made the little dress without the skirt overlay.

Anna currently wears a 0/3 months size so since the baptism won't be until June, we made the 6 month size.  We tried it on after we finished making it and it's huge on her though, so maybe she'll be able to wear it for a good long while.

I didn't get a picture of the whole table cloth before cutting it up, but here it is before too much cutting.

We were able to use the edge of the table cloth for the sleeves, the collar, and the bottom hem.  I think we'll tie a purple satin sash around her waist and it'll be really cute.  

It was a really fun project for my mom and I to work on together.  I'm looking forward to the baptism and to lots more clothes sewing for Anna!