Wednesday, November 9, 2011

WIP Wednesday: More Quilting on the Big (Neverending) S Quilt

As usual, my works in progress are many! I've been making a few small Christmas gifts (to be shown later) and starting to work on the upcoming costume project which maybe I'll post about next week. In my few remaining minutes of craft time, I've been plugging along with the quilting on my Big S quilt. It's really not that big, but much bigger than the small 8.5 x 11 S quilt I made earlier in the year. The quilting is going fairly slowly, but I am making progress. You may recall (from here and here) that the dragon is sort of S shaped with his foot in the center of the bottom circle part of the S. After much contemplation, I drew radiating lines every 20 degrees using the foot as a center point and filled the space with a fun filler from Leah's Free Motion Quilt Project.  She calls it channels and paths, I call it smiles and frowns.  I used different colors of thread depending on where I was quilting so some sections stand out more than others.  I alternated the smiles and frowns in adjacent sections, sadly that meant ripping out A LOT of quilting when I forgot to alternate several times.  Ripping out quilting is no fun at all! Sorry I forgot to get an overall picture, but here are a few shots of the new quilting.

The ugly red/orange lines are just marking lines,  they're water-soluble marker so will disappear in the end (as will the ugly white water soluble thread).

I'm finally done with this pattern and starting on a new area of this quilt!  I had hoped to be finished by Thanksgiving, but that seems pretty unlikely at this point.

What WIPs are you guys working on now?