Friday, November 18, 2011

I Have Concrete!

I'm super excited to start sharing this with you guys (pretty much in real time).  I'm starting to build a studio!  Or rather, my fabulous contractor is building me a studio.  I've been saving up for a long time to try to buy a long arm quilting machine, but realized a while ago that we don't have anywhere in our house one would fit.  So I either had to build a studio or buy a different house.

After much hemming and hawing I decided to build a studio in the backyard of our current house and after much e-mailing back and forth things are finally getting going.  I'll be sharing in here as stuff happens, right now it's just the part that's boring to everyone but me.  So far, all we have is the foundation and a little sidewalk, but I'm so excited I keep rushing out into the back yard to gaze lovingly at it.  Mike thinks I'm nuts, but has been very supportive.

I wanted to get doggie paw prints in the siedewalk, but by the time we were able to get out there it was too late for anything but the date (11/11/11- the last binary date of this century my sister told me).

So to make up for the lack of paw prints, here's a picture of the great flying Bentley for you all!