Friday, August 12, 2011

Easy Friday Project-Phototransfers

Since it's Friday I thought I'd show a quick-easy-do-it-in-an-evening project.  I've made quite a few of these photo-transfer projects over the years.  These were all made with the inkjet printer fabric you buy at JoAnn's although recently I've been experimenting with the products that enable you to make your own printable fabric.

Usually I just print a picture, add some borders and then either quickly quilt it up into a wall hanging or make it into a pillow cover.  Easy-peasy personalized present! Here are some of them;

These are Mike's adorable grandkids Raegan and Walker, I made them these pillows for Christmas last year. Walker loved Thomas the Train.

I made this one for my grandmother using photos that were left over from making a memory quilt for my grandpa.  It's been well sat on I think.  

Here's one I made into a wall hanging and kept after my sister and I had our cousin out to visit a couple of years ago.

And here are three more pillows I made for my mom and some good friends commemorating a great ski trip.

The phototransfers make great wall hangings and birth commemorations and quick memory projects.  There are all kinds of cool digital manipulations you can do with photos and fabric, but even just printing them out and sewing them into blocks like this makes a fun project.