Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sounds of Light-Part 2

After piecing the background, I added a fun dark purple border.  You can see it in this picture; it's actually quite a bit darker than the picture shows; really a rich deep dark purple that reads almost as a solid but with shadows and light spots.  Again, one of my favorite fabrics ever.  Then I embroidered a snippet from the first verse of Psalm 100 (the rest is on the label).

For the quilting I just did large loose feathers in the background and quilted around some of the shapes in the organ.

I love the colors in the final quilt and I loved the process of designing and piecing the organ, and choosing the colors to give it some dimensionality.  I feel like I captured the feel of Linda playing and her fabulous music soaring out into the world.  One thing that has always bugged me a little bit is that I feel like the organ looks crooked.  After measuring repeatedly, I've concluded it is straight, but the angled rays really make it look off kilter.  Something to remember as a design element.  By the way, the quilt is not actually skinnier at the bottom than the top, I just had a bad camera angle.

A Beautiful Scale, 2008, 33"x 45"

 As a final touch after completing the whole thing, I stitched on a few musical notes using ribbon and beads, and made a label for the back.

Funny related story; when I first assembled this quilt top, I wasn't sure the scale of the individual elements was quite right.  I asked my sister and mother several times whether it was ok (I'm still not sure) and they kept reassuring me that it was fine.  Finally I asked my quiet, reserved, sweet-but-uninterested, and not-at-all crafty brother-in-law what he thought.  My sister told him, "tell her the scale is fine."  He did tell me that, and ever since then whenever I've shown him one of my quilts his first comment is always (regardless of the project) "It has nice scale."  And then we laugh.